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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

& PCIT-informed Treatments


PCIT is a behavioral family therapy approach that enables parents to teach their young children (ages 2-7) prosocial skills, leading to a decrease in inappropriate and undesirable behaviors. Based on behavioral theories and influences, PCIT aims to establish and improve the quality of the parent-child relationship by helping parents adopt an authoritative parenting style, which incorporates a child’s needs for warmth, psychological autonomy and limit-setting to achieve positive outcomes.​​

PCIT treats a range of child behavioral problems, including social, behavioral and/or emotional difficulties related to oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or selective mutism. This can include the following challenges:

    • Frequent temper tantrums
    • Defiance, refusing to follow directions
    • Verbal and physical aggression
    • Destruction of toys or family belongings
    • Whining or crying for no apparent reason
    • Constantly seeking attention
    • Sassing adults, interrupting others
    • Hyperactivity, having a short attention span
    • Difficulty with behaviors at school or preschool​
    • Extreme fear and/or avoidance of speaking to teachers, peers or adults in settings outside the home

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