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Parenthood Center

Directed by Emily Becker-Weidman, Ph.D.


Parenthood represents major life changes, from biological and psychological to social and environmental. While navigating these changes, many parents* are able to work through the ups and downs of family life and succeed at raising healthy, safe and well-supported children. 

For other parents, however, circumstances can overwhelm their ability to handle the challenges of family life without professional help. Or they simply need professional guidance at times of transition, acute stress or conflict.

See Glossary of Terms for definitions of terms.

The CFI Parenthood Center offers services and resources for: 

  • New parents either expecting or adopting a first child
  • Parents of dependent or young adult children with mental health disorders
  • Parents concerned about their own mental health

Therapeutic services can help mediate the effect of parenthood’s life changes by:

Reducing parental stress and over-reactivity, often resulting from parental and/or child mental health problems

Alleviating perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety

Improving parent-child attachment and supporting parents through the adoption process

Enhancing quality and consistency of care parents give children and improving family emotional climate

Reducing child behavior problems through positive reinforcement-based skills and structure

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational transmission of dysfunctional parenting behaviors

Improving marital functioning and co-parenting

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