The Concierge Psychologist

Dr. Adam S. Weissman

The Concierge Psychologist- VIP Sports, Entertainment, and Wealth Psychology

Serving Bedford, Armonk, Scarsdale, the Rivertowns, and NYC

Cousin of Oscar-winning actor, Adrienne Brody, Dr. Weissman began his career working with sports and entertainment families, including Patrick Ewing, Howard Stern, and Chevy Chase, as an Owner/Director of Weissman Teen Tours. A former college athlete and musician, Dr. Weissman was always fascinated by the human mind, leading to his diversified career as a Harvard, Penn-Wharton, and University of Michigan-trained Clinical Sports and Entertainment Psychologist, healthcare innovator and philanthropist, author, singer-songwriter, collector, and creator. Dr. Weissman is a tireless advocate for the children, parents, and families he serves, and a connector of good people with great care. Having worked with many of our region’s top athletes, actors, musicians, finance/business leaders, politicians, and philanthropists, Dr. Weissman maintains a small concierge practice of no more than 5 clients/families at any given time.

Dr. Weissman serves as a compassionate role model for his younger clients and an expert confidant for his peers, delivering in-home, state-of-the-art psychotherapies with the highest level of privacy, confidentiality, and discretion in the industry. Dr. Weissman is most known for his genuine compassion, authenticity, good humor, and unique blend of humility, pragmatism, and ability to connect through lived experience, all of which are assets in the therapy room and create rare opportunities for trust-building and connection above and beyond the typical therapy relationship. Dr. Weissman also invests in his clients beyond the typical therapy relationship and is available for texts and phone calls between sessions, as well as other special circumstances given the wishes of the client, including being present at day-to-day activities or special occasions in the life of the client and/or family, contingent on careful clinical and ethical consideration. Virtual Appointments are available upon request.

While The Concierge Psychologist is not a non-profit organization, 50% of all session fees go directly to pro bono services for underserved children and families through the Weissman Children’s Foundation.