Academic and Professional Support Services

Tutoring and Academic Support

Dan Riseman, MA, Educational Consultant

Daniel Riseman and his team of trusted tutors:

    • Provide customized academic support. Riseman and team specialize in helping students enhance their capabilities in the following areas:
        • Reading Comprehension
        • Writing
        • Mathematics
        • Science
        • Standardized Testing 
        • Study Skills
    • Specialize in working with neurodivergent students. They have extensive experience working with the following types of learners:
        • ADD/ADHD
        • OCD
        • Asperger’s
        • Autism
        • Processing disorders
        • Dyslexia
        • Sensory Integration Disorder
        • Dyscalculia
        • Nonverbal Learning Disorder
        • Twice-exceptional children
    • Work with students to improve their executive functioning skills.
    • Assist families locating private schools that best meet their child’s needs.
    • Guide families on the college admissions process.

How Do These Services Work in Concert with Testing and Treatment at CFI?

CFI’s interdisciplinary model enables children to receive testing and evaluation services through our Pediatric Assessment Center which can be a helpful guide in creating an education support plan both in-school and at home.

In addition, Daniel’s services can provide a nice complement to CFI therapy sessions for ADHD, anxiety, developmental disorders, and more.

Executive Function and Career Coaching 

Daniel Koffler, New Frontiers in Learning Consultant

  • Daniel Koffler and his team provide executive function coaching supports across the lifespan  
      • His work revolves around helping individuals develop foundational and specific-to-the-individual skills and strategies necessary to navigate the vagaries of life (be they focused on academic, career, or day-to-day success—as they define success), and is delivered via an individualized coaching model, through the lens of executive functioning skills development. The work is applied to all shapes and sizes of conventional and unconventional learners, individuals, and organizations, with both in-person and virtual options available.

Educational Consulting

Judi Robinovitz, MS, CEP Educational Planning Consultant

  • Judi and her team are Certified Educational Planners for admission to boarding & private day schools (both therapeutic and traditional), college, and graduate school.
  • Judi is the Founder/Owner of four Cognia-accredited “micro-schools” providing individualized and small group instruction for students in grades K-12, as well as five learning centers providing top quality academic coaching, subject tutoring, and SAT/ACT/SSAT prep – both in person in Florida and online around the globe.

College and Graduate Application Support

Debra Resnicoff, BA, MFA, LMSW, Essays That Fit Consultant

  • Debra partners with admissions counselor and test-prep tutor, Emily Henning (Brown ’19), to ensure that every student benefits from a team of Ivy grads who are also expert writers and admissions counselors. 
  • Essays That Fit has a new curriculum for juniors starting winter 2023. Following a comprehensive review of student profile and overall application goals, students engage in self-evaluation and school research. Students finish their personal essay and supplements before August 1st.
  • Debra and Emily meet student-writers where they are to set high goals and elicit thoughtful writing that sets students apart.
  • Worksheets, testing, and interactive meetings deep dive into student personality, interests, and potential.