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Emily Henning, B.A.

Emily Henning is an Ivy League-educated tutor specializing in English and History. She graduated from Brown University in 2019 with honors in Literary Arts and a GPA in the 93rd percentile of her graduating class. Emily has a passion for language, and helping students express themselves in writing and excel at standardized testing. She has been working as a tutor and mentor for the past five years. Through experiences as varied as advising high school students from underserved communities on the college application process to leading university workshops about imposter syndrome, Emily has cultivated the skills to help students of all ages and academic levels.

As a tutor, Emily prioritizes fit. Her teaching pedagogy revolves around the student. She designs a tutoring curriculum based on the individual needs of her students, focusing on obtaining measurable, timely, and realistic goals. Whether she’s working with a seventh grader to prepare for an ELA state test, or helping a high school senior with college essays, Emily is committed to helping her students excel. She is an expert on the SAT English section and enjoys showing students that, despite all the fear mongering advanced by prep companies, it is absolutely attainable for most students to receive a 700 or higher if they study smart.

When Emily is not working with students, she enjoys reading, traveling, and taking long walks in Prospect Park with her dog.

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