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Pediatric Assessment Center at CFI

Directed by Preeti Saigal, Ph.D. and Sarah Hatcher, Ph.D.

Comprehensive psychological and/or neuropsychological assessment is essential to effective differential diagnosis and treatment planning for anyone experiencing co-occurring symptoms of mental health disorders.  

Assessments of young people can help parents, schools and therapists guide the development of appropriate educational, psychosocial and/or psychotherapeutic supports and programs. 

While most assessments are performed at an early age when issues tend to arise, they can also benefit older adolescents, college students and young adults in identifying areas where they may need extra support. 

Parents, schools, psychologists or physicians may refer a young person for assessment, based on a number of concerns. It is a crucial first step in developing the best therapeutic plan for a young person struggling with cognitive, emotional, behavioral or academic difficulties.

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