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Organizational Skills & Executive Function (EF) Training

Prominent symptoms for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are problems with sustained attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, with most also having poor planning, organizational, time management and study skills that can affect performance in school or work. These problems tend to increase from childhood to young adulthood and are often not managed by medication alone. 

Organizational Skills Training (OST) are behavioral interventions that specifically target planning, organizational, materials and time management and study skills deficits. Evidence supports OST’s effect on improving organizational skills, inattention and academic performance in children with ADHD, starting as young as age 6. 

ADHD is also strongly associated with core deficits in executive function (EF), which predicts poorer academic and occupational functioning. Early intervention that targets EF impairments can prevent long-term difficulties. 

Executive Functioning (EF) training can reduce the EF developmental gap and related impairments in planning, organization and sustained attention. It teaches children with ADHD and related deficits brain-based strategies and coping skills and trains parents to reinforce these skills in real-life activities.

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