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Victoria Forlini, Psy.D.

Dr. Victoria Forlini is a clinical psychology post-doctoral fellow at CFI. Forlini’s clinical population interests include individuals who have experienced sexual violence, intimate partner violence, religious trauma, and other forms of trauma. Forlini uses an internal family systems approach leaning heavily on parts work to collaboratively explore one’s trauma. Forlini uses parts work and a person-centered approach to create healing within the client. Forlini is also skilled at using her trauma expertise combined with dialectical behavioral therapy to treat personality disorders. In addition to these areas, Forlini has experience in treating anxiety and mood disorders. Forlini focuses on challenging unhelpful thoughts/behaviors, behavioral activation, and boundary setting. Forlini strives to create a safe, comfortable, and socially just environment for all of her clients.

Forlini has worked in a variety of clinical environments including a university counseling center, residential eating disorder facility, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization program, and community mental health settings over the last five years. During her training, Forlini provided group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy both in-person and via telehealth. Forlini also has experience working on a mobile crisis team and suicide prevention lifeline for several years prior to earning her doctorate. Forlini has a passion for working with individuals across the lifespan, with a special interest in working with young adults.

Forlini received her PsyD in clinical psychology and MA in clinical practices from the University of Hartford. Forlini earned a BA in psychology and minor in theological and religious studies from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Forlini’s dissertation research focused on psychological well-being, satisfaction, discrimination, and relationships that change as a result of conversion away from major religion towards atheism.

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