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Michele Barton, PhD

Director of Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy, Associate Director of Clinical Training, Senior Supervising Psychologist. 

In her many roles at CFI, Dr. Michele Barton is a highly experienced psychotherapist who uses evidence-based treatments across diverse populations and clinical settings. She specializes in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), combined with use of biofeedback and virtual reality therapies. 

Barton is a visiting scholar at Teachers College, Columbia University, leading a seminar on clinical practice with doctoral psychology students, and serves as chair of the Ethics Committee at Westchester County Psychological Association. 

As executive director of Psychology Life Well, a small collaborative private practice, Barton works with physicians and healthcare professionals to treat clients suffering from the psychological outcomes of chronic medical conditions. 

During her post-doctoral fellowship, Barton coupled CBT with use of non-invasive medical procedures, including biofeedback, virtual reality, entrainment and neurofeedback. She prescribed these applications to replace or supplement medication in several psychological disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD), anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, addiction, social anxiety and phobias (fear of flying, heights, animals, public speaking or performance) 

Barton received a Ph.D. in clinical health psychology from Yeshiva University, conducting her doctoral research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia’s Department of Medical Genetics. Her master’s in psychology is from Teachers College.

After completed her post-doctoral fellowship at a private CBT practice in NYC, working with children, teens, adults, couples and families, Barton was promoted to director of clinical health, intern training supervisor and head of clinical outreach. 

Barton was trained by leaders in the field, using cutting edge state-of-the-art equipment to establish ground-breaking treatment protocols and applications using psychophysiological technology. She is a tegular contributor to online publications regarding mainstream psychological health.

Barton’s clinical training sites have included Yeshiva University’s Parnes Clinic and Eating Disorder and Weight Loss Center, Lincoln Hospital’s Child/Adolescent Outpatient and Adult Inpatient and Outpatient Units, the Hudson Valley VA System working with Veterans, and the Northside Center for Child Development working with foster children, adoptees and troubled youth.

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