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Erica Silen, PMHNP-BC

Erica Silen is board-certified, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner specializing in diagnosis, medication management, and therapy. Since graduating from Columbia School of Nursing in 2012, Silen has gained extensive experience treating children, adolescents, adults, and families with a wide range of symptoms. 

Addressing mental health issues can be scary, especially for children and parents. Silen works with families to create a calming and trusting environment. Clients and families are encouraged to discuss their wants, needs, and fears, which in turn helps to destigmatize the process. Trained in motivational interviewing, Silen incorporates many of the skills she acquired through daily practice, including active listening, reflection, and meeting clients “where they are at.” She conducts a thorough evaluation of each client, and uses evidence-based practices in order to individualize treatment options.

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