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Anthony Easter, MSW

Anthony Easter received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of California Davis in 2021 and his Master of Social Work degree from Boston College in 2023. Upon graduating from Boston College, he became a Licensed Master Social Worker. He has internship experience in academic and hospital settings. He has worked as a behavioral health counselor with individuals with diverse mental health needs. In addition to working with individuals with diverse mental health needs, he has also worked with older adults, helping them address various social and mental health needs. Anthony is deeply committed to fostering genuine connections with his clients to provide the most effective support for their mental health journey. His approach is rooted in building strong rapport and understanding everyone holistically, recognizing the importance of cultural context in shaping one’s experiences and needs. Anthony’s therapeutic approach integrates evidence-based practices, prioritizing effective and tailored interventions to the unique cultural and personal factors influencing each client’s well-being. He aims to empower clients to navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and achieve their therapeutic goals through collaboration and mutual trust.

Anthony strongly emphasizes cultural responsiveness and humility, recognizing the significance of cultural identity in shaping individuals’ experiences and worldviews. Through ongoing reflection and dialogue, Anthony aims to continuously expand his cultural competence and ensure he continues to be inclusive and affirm diverse perspectives.

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