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Speech Sound Disorders

There’s no known cause of functional speech sound disorders, which include those related to the motor production of speech sounds and those related to the linguistic aspects of speech production. Unusual combinations of speech sounds involving substitutions, omissions, additions or distortions can interfere with whether sounds are intelligible to others.

Historically, these disorders were referred to as: 

Articulation disorders: focusing on errors (distortions and substitutions) in production of individual speech sounds

Phonological disorders: focusing on predictable, pattern, rule-based errors that affect more than one sound. 

Examples of articulation or phonological speech errors in substituting sounds, omitting final consonants or simplifying sound combinations:

    • Saying “fum” instead of “thumb” or “wabbit” instead of “rabbit” 
    • Saying “duh” instead of “duck” or “uh” instead of “up”
    • Saying “ting” instead of “string” or “fog” instead of “frog”

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