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Visual/Motor Perceptual Training

Children with such illnesses as Cerebral Palsy (CP) commonly have, among many accompanying disorders, a visual processing or perceptual disorder. This refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information taken in through the eyes. Different from problems involving sight or sharpness of vision, a visual processing problem can affect how visual information is interpreted or processed by the brain. 

A visual perceptual disorder can make it difficult for children to wear shoes, use paper clips, complete jig-saw puzzles, play with toys and building blocks, identify colors and learn letters—all of which influence their daily living and social participation. It may cause

    • Problems affecting cognitive function and motor skills
    • Delays in acquiring new motor skills
    • Dependency in performing activities of daily living (ADL) 

Impaired visual perception ability can also hinder rehabilitation following a stroke or accident.

Visual perceptual/Visual motor training programs

Children with a visual perception disorder also have difficulties with visual-motor integration (VMI): the interaction of visual skill, visual perceptual skill and motor skill. Children require effective, efficient eye-hand coordination to be able to copy, draw or write what they see. 

Visual perceptual/visual motor training programs for children with a visual perceptual disorder develop their potential to participate as fully as possible at home, school or work. The OT clinician works with the child to establish efficient, independent visual and motor systems and then to ensure the two systems work together. Through modified play and learning activities, therapy aims to improve eye-hand, eye-foot and eye-mouth coordination. By improving visual motor integration (VMI), OT leads to improved learning and activities of daily living (ADL). 

Recent studies of the effectiveness of visual motor/visual perception training programs to improve VMI and ADL have shown promising results.

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