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Music Therapy

Several CFI therapists, including Dr. Weissman, are musicians and may incorporate music or other creative therapies into their evidence-based treatment planning, depending on the needs and interests of their clients. Learn more about Dr. Weissman’s Therapy Music at Mind Music.

In music therapy, music is used within therapy to address an individual’s emotional, cognitive, social, and physical needs. This may involve creating, listening to, moving to, writing, or singing music. 

Music can be a particularly helpful avenue of communication both for those who are particularly adept at expressing themselves through lyrics or song-writing, as well as for individuals who may experience difficulty communicating how they are feeling through routine conversation and verbal expression.

Integrating music into therapy can help…

  • Promote wellness
  • Manage stress
  • Express feelings
  • Enhance memory
  • Improve communication
  • Foster creativity and connection 

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