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The Importance of Parents Volunteering at their Children’s School

By Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D – CFI & WCF President and Chief Psychologist

When parents volunteer at their children’s school it…

Encourages communication with teachers, positive role modeling, and boosts student confidence and performance. 

When parents volunteer in their child’s school, it can naturally help foster trust and communication, and stronger relationships with their child’s teachers and other school personnel; and it can set a positive example for their child by showing them that they’re invested in their education. Volunteering at school also models the values of teamwork and community engagement. On a similar note, it can help children feel more valued and supported in the school environment which can have a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem, motivation, and school engagement. In fact, recent studies have shown that students whose parents volunteer at their school tend to have better school attendance and behavior, get better grades, and even demonstrate better social skills. 

Fosters a sense of collaboration and community. 

Parents who volunteer can bring their own diverse skill sets and areas of expertise into the school setting, helping to organize events, fundraisers, and provide new learning opportunities in the classroom, which can be especially helpful when schools have limited resources. Parental integration in this way can also help foster a sense of community, safety, and inclusion among students, parents, and school personnel alike. 

Helps parents understand school dynamics and promote advocacy. 

By volunteering, parents can also gain some valuable insights into the strengths and challenges of the school, allowing them to advocate, in a more informed way, for important causes like better school facilities, programs or resources, or even educational policies and ultimately, know how to better support and advocate for their own children in the school. 

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